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Toccata Toccata

Rated 5 / 5 stars


When I review something, I try to point out the good and the bad. But in this case... where's the bad? This is perfect!

Like any great piece of art, this is untouchable. 10/10

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robomanus responds:

The bad is, that the performance has some mistakes. But where they aren't? Thank you for your opinion. :)

No Regrets No Regrets

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Modern Slayer, eh?

When I saw your comments about Slayer this and that, I was expecting the good ol' thrash... BUT this is still kickass nonetheless.

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thanks dude~!\m/

For Glory For Glory

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great intro!

This could as well be an intro to an epic song. I can envision it already... ah.

I've been listening to your stuff for a while, and now I decided to add you to my favorites. You're a true musician!

Allfather Wotan Allfather Wotan

Rated 0 / 5 stars


Something is missing here... a big something. This is completely random, little to no time was spent here. The guitar is just a bunch of random notes, they don't follow a scale and they don't follow the music. The drums is perhaps the most annoying, it's just as random as the guitar! Those random snares are enough to make angels cry. The vocals... well, the vocals is there for entertainment purposes only. Except for the fact that it isn't entertaining. At all. It isn't funny, it isn't scary, it isn't singing, it isn't growling, it isn't screaming. It's some kind of voice that doesn't add anything to the music.

Anyone can grab FL studio and place notes there. But not anyone can make music. I know that you spent very little time with this and you just felt like doing something random, I understand, but that's no excuse to upload this.

Now I can understand why there's so many people who seem to dislike metal. People look at the genre "Heavy Metal", next they choose a random song that has a good rating, and then when they realized that at least 75% of good elements from metal are here (according to the ratings), they think "well, if this is the good I wonder what the bad is".

No, just don't do this.

Frostvind666 responds:

Well I have´nt got much time to create music at all and besides I have´nt had time to learn FL though.
And there are worse songs then this on Newgrounds and on CD as well.
Just to say this I´m not musician but I like to create creating music , so why can´t you understand that.
What kind of music does you listen to anyway? EMO? Ska? Jazz? Metal?

Music is an reflection of the human being and besides if some filth in this so called mankind dislikes metal for some unknown reason I can´t understand. Have´nt you heard that Metal is the only true style of music? Since it´s pure and untouched by the hand of an incestous church and from judeo-christian propaganda like newspapers and news ?!?

Peace Sells Peace Sells

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I'll be the first in line!

Ah... Megadeth!

No, it doesn't sound great, but I give you kudos for recreating all those insane Chris Broderick soloing!

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Lazy-Dan35 responds:

Thanks, Long live Chris as Megadeth's new Guitarist! :p